Sunday, 9 January 2011

Yeavering Bell

This is my third hill, Yeavering Bell. It was very cold and windy when me and my Dad climbed this hill. I could see Granmas house from the top and the Sea! I also saw the wild Goats on the side of the hill. They have long beards and long sharp horns.

The Big one! Cheviot!

This was the biggest one! Cheviot the biggest hill in Northumberland and what a view! I did get a little lift some of the way up on a quad, but I am after all just a 4 year old!

My First Hill!

As my Daddy keeps making me go up hills, I thought I would do as he does and write a blog about the hills I tick off ion the Cheviot Hills and, who knows further afield in time. So here is a picture of me and my mummy up Humbelton In July 2009.